Sofa n Bed

An extremely comfortable & relaxing ‘sofa’ in the day that transforms into a wonderful ‘Bed’ in the night

Versatile foldable product
Suits household and institutions alike
Ideal for small spaces in flats, guest rooms and hotel etc.
Washble fabric

Available in : Single – 30″ wide & Double – 60″ wide

Wonder Couch

No Sofa can beat its Elegance, Luxurious comfort and cozy feeling while you relax on Piece-De-Art ‘Sweet Dream Wonder couch’

Curved out of a single piece PUF block wrapped with Rich textured fabric
Ideal for Homes, Lounges, Hostel lobby etc.
Available in Single size (25 inch wide ) & Double size ( 50 inch wide )

PUF Sofa Cushion

Provides gentle yet firm support to your Head & Neck in any sleeping position

These sofa cushions are designed to last longer without a traceof sagging
Luxurious and gentle feel on your sofa / settee
Available in 23, 28, 32, 40 & 50 densities
Available in all regular & customized sizes

Get Memory Foam Pillow

Moulded Gel Memory pillow is solution for relief from neck pain problems while sleeping. It offers you dual benefits of cool gel memory foam on one side and normal memory foam pillow on the other.

Micro Fiber Pillow

Sweet Dream fiber pillow comes in white premium cotton cover filled with fine quality of fiber for divine comfort.


Made up of PU foam covered with cotton cloth. Provides gentle yet firm support to your spine, can be used in bedroom or living room. Suitable for any seating/resting position.

PUF Foam Pillows

Available in : Thickness 3″, 3.5″, 4″

Made up of PU foam covered with cotton cloth. Provides gentle yet firm support to your head and neck in any sleeping position, and also avoids neck pain.

Pillow Size : Medium, Large & Extra Large
Bolster Size : Medium & Large.

Back Cushion

Back cushion is an ideal cushion for back support, it can also be used for sleeping or for back support. Suitable in living room or bedroom

Unique back support
A best companion for driving
Ideal for deewan & sofa
Easy to clean as it comes with zipped cloth cover

Available in extra large size

Mattress Protector

Sweet Dream presents mattress protector to avoid your mattress from dusting and it provides you excellent cushioning.

Water proof, bacteria resistant, no bad odor, machine washable, perfect cushioning

Fiber Pillows


610 X 406-MM (24 X 16 -INCH)
686 X 432-MM (27 X 17 -INCH)


Size :

229 cm x 254 cm (2290 x 2540-MM)

Yoga Mattress

Ideal for any exercise, Yoga or work out session.

An ideal anywhere mattress
Can be uses as bed topper also
Foldable – Washable

Mr. Back

A revolutionized unique product which gives you a firm support to your back at your work place, driving seat or anywhere you need.

You can strap it to your seat back for comfort with proper position
Fitted with washable premium cotton fabric with zip and velcro