Benito Mattress

Benito Mattress is the unique flexi puf mattress, made by the best quality high resillience foam (HR Foam). In HR foam, each tiny cells acts like spring and gives the best support to whole body in any position. All these tiny cells are so resillet and so strong, the ‘valley’ effect is limited to only few inches, so the lighter person will hardly notice the heavier person is sleeping there on same bed and they may move around or get up without disturbing each other. And thus it gives optimum comfort, care & support to your all body contours of the back, hip & neck regions & also helps to keep the spine in nature position.

Benito Mattress provides extra comfort which reduces pressure points that cause sleeping discomfort & promotes good blood circulation. It comes with premium knitted jacquard fabric quilted with high density soft flexi puf on both sides.

Benito Mattress is suitable for all age groups & segments for most comfortable sleep.

Benito Mattress comes with up to 10 years warranty period against any manufacturing defects.