Industrial P U Foam

“Sweet Dream is a brand of 100% pure Polyurethane (PU) Foam manufactured by Tirupati Foams Ltd. since more than 25 years. It is manufactured with ultra modern Technology that gives strength to the foam structure. Its resilience and tensile strength helps to maintain its bouncing nature and does not allow to tearing on stretching.

Our range of products offers pure flexible PUF which ensures that the product retains its shape and provides comfort and support, unlike regular foam.

Foams under Brand POWER are superior quality products that are used for high-end comfort applications in mattresses and cushioning. This is a unique product and stands out from the range available in the market.

Its strength and resilience is perfectly made for quality lovers. This is an ideal preference for comfort industry. It retains its shape and strength for numerous years, and offering long-lasting and efficient use. With the strong property of POWER we offer LIFE TIME Warranty for the product. ”

Type Density Usages
Low Density 10 Kg/m3
16 kg/m3
Packaging, Garments, Quilting, General Purpose Application,
Medium Density 18 Kg/m3
20 Kg/m3
23 Kg/m3
25 Kg/m3
Upholstery Garments sleeping comfort Overlays, Cushioning and Mattress Application.
High Density 28 Kg/m3
30 Kg/m3
32 Kg/m3
35 Kg/m3
40 Kg/m3
50 Kg/m3
Cushioning and sleeping comfort Application, Furniture, Household articles, insulation applications for noise absorption,, Automotive applications,
Super Soft 23 Kg/m3
32 Kg/m3
All kind of extra comfort  & softness in furniture  as overlays, Seat Cushions, and Back Rest
Hard Foam 60 Kg/m3
40 Kg/m3
23 Kg/m3
Fabric Lamination of Shoe Industry, Auto parts,
Peeling Foam 18 Kg/m3
23 Kg/m3
60 Kg/m3
Automobile and Shoe Industry

HR Foam – HR foams are Highest grade Quality PU Foam delivering high performance with superior bounce, comfort, and durability. They can be used both in cushion and High Quality Bedding HR foam has a better supporting factor and a better fatigue resistance with high Resilience compared to conventional foam. It is very near or best substitute of Natural Latex. So, it does not de-shape or loose original property even after extensive use. At present this is available in 40 Kg/m3 & 55 Kg/m3.

Use- It is used in luxury furniture like in yachting and boating. Premium Mattresses made from such material are flexible in nature.

Rolled Sheets

Available in Density 18 Kg/m3, 23 Kg/m3, 60 Kg/m3.

Hard Roll

Available in Density 23 Kg/m3 , 60 Kg/m3.

Normal roll

Available in Density 18 Kg/m3


Rolled sheets are used in Flame Lamination Industry, Qualifying Industry etc.