Latex GL Bouncy Mattress

In today’s era, day to day life has become stressful and restless which creates an unnecessary physical setback which converts into a health problem. It is understood that one solution cannot be useful for all people, but of course, comfort and peace can reduce the difficulties. So we bring to you a mattress with combination of comfort and support, Made from High resilience Flexi-PUF Technology for superior bounce. Feel of the mattress mattress matched with natural latex as Resilience of the core material is made with high density. The ultimate sleep surface for luxurious rest is made from ultra cell high density foam. This helps to reduces stress on pressure points & this allows feeling refreshed and energizes your mind, body and soul. The perfect balance of flexibility and comfort allowing optimum air circulation & and lets your body breathe to keep your body cool and comfortable. As a result, you sleep better and wake up feeling energized absolutely revitalized.

Mattress is sheathed in premium knitted fabric cover quilted with Soft Flexi-PUF to provide ultimate support and unprecedented comfort.

Available In : 5”, 6” 8” thickness

Premium Features :
Reduces pressure points on the body
Provides luxurious comfort and optimal support
Made from High resilience flexi PUF technology for superior bounce
Resilience is at par with natural latex
Warrantee Period : Up to 5 Years